7 Question Interview with alanityc the developer of You Bad Monkey!

This is our super fast 7 question interview with alanityc the developer of You Bad Monkey!! *Please feel free to leave a comment down below if you have an idea for a future question!

Ready? GO!


How did you get into game development?

I always loved software development in its many forms, and I consider myself lucky to have experienced quite a few branches, all with their pros and cons, but for the most part the target audience is hard to feel connected to it when you work at IT companies as I do, and since I always find my self learning new skills a few years back I decided to actually address that lack of connection and pour my skills on something that I would truly feel passionate about, so I decided to make the bumpy jump!


What software do you use to make your games?

Tons of software, from Trello to manage my tasks, Photoshop for art while at home but Procreate when away, Dragon Bones 2D for character animation but I’m migrating to Anima 2D, slowly but surely. Since for now, my target games are all mobile I try to stay multiplatform so that means support for iOS and Android so I felt that the best choice of¬†engine was Unity, and for scripting, I use Visual Studio. Audacity for audio editing, iMovie for trailers… And I’m sure I’m leaving a lot behind.


What hardware do you use to make your games?

I mainly use a MacBook Pro since I need to support iOS and that only comes with a Mac, but not only that, if I need to watch over my kids I can move from one part of my home to another and not having to switch computers or just leave my work on hold. It makes it easier to be a parent and keep working at the same time. But whenever I need more computing power I have a beast of PC. I also use a Wacom tablet for design, a Wacom pen for my mobile devices when away from home and a bunch of toys.


If you could choose only one “item” that makes development easier what would it be?

My MacBook, as I said before, I can go wherever and not having to worry about putting my work on hold if not necessary. Besides that’s where all my stuff is, I do have a lot of backups all around my house but my music is there, my Netflix, etc.


Name one quote that motivates your development!

Can’t find a quote, but what I can share is what actually motivates me. What drives me is the happiness that fills me whenever the people close to me try my stuff or whenever my little girl chooses freely to play my prototypes or games and see her smile or laugh. Even those moments whenever we grab a mic and start recording audio are priceless.


Any books (or guides) you would recommend to new game developers?

There is a lot of good free information out there, a lot of people open to help you out with nothing to gain other than helping the industry grow, you only have to reach out to them. That said, I started from the typical Google search and ended up purchasing a lot of courses at different portals. Since I’m a solo dev that means I had to acquire a ton of knowledge, I had no idea how to use Photoshop or how to achieve my goals on Unity. Udemy has been of great help so far.


Lastly, your advice to new game developers!

There will be times of joy, and a lot more frustration. It will be hard not to smash your screen or keyboard, specially whenever you hit a wall not knowing what to do next but those are the most important moments because if you overcome those obstacles that’s when you will become stronger. Try not to stick to just one aspect of development and switch often in order to keep your ideas fresh. And always watch people play your game early because corrections WILL be needed, the sooner, the better

This was our interview with alanityc the creator of You Bad Monkey!.
If you like their work, please feel free to leave a comment or check out their latest release on iOS or Android

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