7 Question Interview with ChrisNoeth the developer of Color Defense

This is our super fast 7 question interview with ChrisNoeth the developer of Color Defense! *Please feel free to leave a comment down below if you have an idea for a future question!

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So tell us, how did you get into game development?

I am a computer geek of the 80s and in 1989 I published my first text adventure “The Thing” for the C128. It was not until much later that I studied computer science and landed as a trainee in a games studio. Then in a permanent position, I specialized in game graphics. Then followed some wild years of creation, which ended in the founding of my own game forge “McPeppergames”. Here I have recently released my first tower defense game COLOR DEFENSE for iOS and Android.


What kind of software do you use to make your games?

My main tools besides a notebook and a pen are the software “Photoshop” and the text editor “Sublime Text”. With the latter, I create the code for the games. For many of the children’s games, I used the Corona SDK, which allows you to create very nice 2D games using the LUA programming language. I also have used “Spine” for some character animations in my games. I’m currently looking into “Unity” for new game ideas.


What sort of hardware do you use to make your games?

In addition to all the test equipment, such as the latest Apple devices and some Android devices, I work with a new 13-inch Mac Book Pro. Meanwhile, I make drawings on a large Wacom Cintiq and sketches with an Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro in “Pro Create”. The iPad Pro and the Mac Book also allow me to work when I’m on the go, which is great.


If you could choose only one “item” that makes development easier what would it be?

This is my pencil for me. With him, I design all my game ideas and concepts. Each game begins with rough sketches and first roughly defined moves. I basically do that with a pencil. This includes my collection of notebooks, where I’ve collected hundreds of game ideas so far. Therefore clearly: “My pencil!”


Name one quote that motivates or inspires your game development!

“Good things take time, as they should. We shouldn’t expect good things to happen overnight. Actually, getting something too easily or too soon can cheapen the outcome.” – John Wooden
I am constantly being asked for new updates for COLOR DEFENSE. I can only refer to the above quote and say that I am already working on it. So if you are waiting for an update, think about the quality and have a little patience.


Are there any books (or guides) you would recommend to new game developers?

This is difficult because I do not have my knowledge from books. The development of own games arises in my opinion from the many years of playing games. That’s the only way to judge which games you like and which games appeal to a large audience. In addition, one should then put his quality goals for own games very high.

Develop your ideas on paper, then do online researches on the important parts.


Lastly, your advice to new game developers!

My tip for graphic artists would be simple: draw, draw, draw. For game developers, it’s a bit different … here I would say: play, play, play. Then analyze what you enjoy in games and what other players like. Then develop your own ideas for a game and do not forget the monetization. The monetization should be fair, so in the end, there are good ratings for your game.

This was our interview with ChrisNoeth the creator of Color Defense.
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