7 Question Interview with Guaranapps the developer of Slyway

This is our super fast 7 question interview with Guaranapps the developer of Slyway! *Please feel free to leave a comment down below if you have an idea for a future question!

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How did you get into game development?

I am a computer enthusiast for a long time. I started programming since I was a teenager.
At the time, I was programming small games for my little brother.

After studying computer engineering, I worked for 10 years in a French pay-TV group as a study engineer and then as team leader (in activities without relation to video games). Then, at the end of 2016, I decided to found my company Guaranapps, in order to focus on several personal projects mainly around video game creation.


What software do you use to make your games?

As I work under Linux, I prefer open source software and therefore I developed Slyway with Godot Engine.

It is open source under MIT license without any royalties. It produces small binaries and it’s stable, easy to use and easy to modify.

I also composed the game’s music with LMMS open-source software. Slyway OST is available on Soundcloud.


What hardware do you use to make your games?

My computer already dates but is still sufficient for development: i7 (2,8 GHz) with 8GB memory and Nvidia GeForce GTX 960.

I have dual boot Archlinux/Windows7 but I use almost exclusively Archlinux.


If you could choose only one “item” that makes development easier what would it be?

A paper and a pen! We have plenty of digital tools but nothing is more efficient and fast than a sheet of paper and a pen to write down ideas, visualize problems and find solutions.

I have lots of notebook filled with notes, erasures and schema that I’m probably the only one to understand but it’s probably what helps me the most in development.


Name one quote that motivates your development!

I do not really have a quote to keep the motivation. Nevertheless, I always keep in mind KISS principle: “keep it simple, stupid”.

This principle is a design principle to avoid unnecessary complexity. It helps me to keep away from some development pitfalls.


Any books (or guides) you would recommend to new game developers?

If you’re looking for a great book “The Art of Game Design” is a reference.

Then I recommend the GDC Youtube channel which is an excellent resource to have professional postmortems on game creation.

And if you want to improve your technical skills: tutorials, dev blog, documentation, and samples of your favorite game engine (I have uploaded some open-source code on my GitHub to help developers starting with Godot Engine: https://www.github.com/Guaranapps).


Lastly, your advice to new game developers!

A frequent mistake is to start with a big project full of technical complexity.
Often developers only see the technical challenge related to programming and graphic design. But a game is also game/level/sound design choices, translations, ergonomics, porting, playtests, marketing, etc.

So my advice is to start with a small project that seems very simple to do (in fact once you’ve done it you’ll realize that it was not that simple). Then, once this little project finished, improve it iteratively.

This was our interview with Guaranapps the creator of Slyway.
If you like their work, please feel free to leave a comment or check out their latest release on iOS or Android

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