7 Question Interview with squiden the developer of Retro Pixel

This is our super fast 7 question interview with squiden the developer of Retro Pixel! *Please feel free to leave a comment down below if you have an idea for a future question!

Ready? GO!


How did you get into game development?

As a young kid I used to play on my mother’s SNES, the games – they just captured me, I could do so many different things! I could explore different worlds, I could become different characters, I could even race unicycles…upside down! I have always been a big fan of video games. Recently I’ve become more intrigued about how games work, how they are made, how much work it actually takes to make one yourself.

So starting University last year, studying IT, I decided to try and make my own games!


What software do you use to make your games?

When I decided to make my own games I was faced with a whole lot of questions. One of the bigger questions being: What software should I use to make my games? Searching for answers I began trying all sorts of different software and game engines. I even dabbled in creating my own engine, I didn’t get very far though seeing as I was just starting out learning how to program. Eventually though, I made some decisions and decided to use the following software: Corona SDK and Sublime Text.


What hardware do you use to make your games?

Since I target the App Store when building my games I needed a mac. Apple makes great computers, but for a student, they are a bit expensive, so I bought a pre-owned one.
I use the following: MacBook Pro 2015 13″
Xperia XZ Premium and iPhone 6 (for testing)
Sony h.ear wireless headphones ( I love listening to music when working, mostly Weezer)


If you could choose only one “item” that makes development easier what would it be?

My laptop (duh), but really I would have to say my headphones. I always listen to music when I’m working. Usually, they play either rock, alternative or punk. I’m a huge Weezer fan and more recently through youtube’s wonderful recommendation algorithm apparently also an 80s Jpop fan. The Sony h.ear headphones I use also features noise cancelation which is great since I often work on my games in school and people can be loud.


Name one quote that motivates your development!

Well, this isn’t necessarily a quote related to gaming or development, however, I used to play a lot of hockey before, actually I played hockey during the majority of my first 19 years. I’m quoting Wayne Gretzky here, he said: “you miss 100% of every shot you don’t take”. I’m not sure the wording is entirely correct, the version of the quote I have at home is in Swedish… but it should be something like that.

I’m interpreting his quote as follows: if you never try you’ll never succeed!


Any books (or guides) you would recommend to new game developers?

I didn’t necessarily use any gamedev related books, but I did, however, take a programming course at university at the same time as I started out with game development. In that course, we had a course book teaching the basics of programming using C# for examples. That book was written in Swedish so I’m not sure how useful it would be to the majority of people reading this. However, I would say that any book teaching the basics if you’re new to programming would be a solid investment.

…oh and google…!


Lastly, your advice to new game developers!

As cliché as it might sound, Just do it! And more importantly finish a project no matter how bad it might be. Just make games, as with anything you’ll get better at it the more you do it!

This was our interview with squiden the creator of Retro Pixel.
If you like their work, please feel free to leave a comment or check out their latest release on iOS or Android

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