What is Edamame.news?

Edamame.news is an experimental news site designed by Edamame Reviews.

This site is aimed at achieving the impossible. Featuring 100% of games that are submitted at no cost. We will be featuring all gaming related news here for free, for everyone!

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How To Use

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Step 2: Click on the green “Create” tab, and see what options are currently available!

How To Use Edamame.news (With Comedy)

More Info

How does it work?

Centered around User Generated Content, Edamame.news is a cluster of smart technologies designed to generate compelling news topics via the content our users send us. These technologies are continually being updated which is why we consider our site to be still in its BETA stages… even though it is 100% usable.

Currently, Edamame.news has support for Reviews, Interviews, and Press-Releases which can be accessed from the “Create” tab once you are logged in.

No matter which option you choose, the app or game you would like us to promote will be displayed below your article content as shown in the screenshot below.

Indirect advertising is often the most effective, and with no limit as to how many articles you can publish, his option is both scalable and free for everyone.


Publishing Guidelines

Here are a few rules you will need to follow when using Edamame.news

  • We do not tolerate plagiarism
  • Reviewing your own game(s) is not permitted
  • Please write honest and fair reviews

Although you do not need to be a professional writer, we do expect acceptable quality content. If your article is low-quality, it will not be edited or published.

Although we do our best to fact-check the content published on our site, we cannot be held responsible for the content submitted by 3rd party developers. If one of the articles on our site contains content you believe is inaccurate, please contact us at: business@edamame.club