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How to advertise (for free) in 2019 and beyond

No one likes Ads. Ads show you products you don’t want to see – when you are least interested in them and expect you buy – or at least react somewhat positively… somehow, we no longer think this model of promotion is working the way it should in 2018…

Developers are now using in-game Ads almost as a penalty for when players die or GAME OVER, transforming traditional advertising almost into a sort of penalty players hate with a burning passion!

The same can be said for Google AdSense Ads on websites. Two of the most downloaded browser extensions of all time are Ad Blockers! …what a surprise…!

People hate Ads like never before and it is mostly due to creators (like you and us) cramming stuff users aren’t interested in together with the stuff they actually came to see. Which is why we created Edamame.news, a free news site which approaches advertising from an entirely new perspective.

Edamame.news is built on the principle of “Indirect Marketing.” All of the content on our site is genuine, having been written or filmed to share interesting and/or useful content our readers are actually interested in.

Although our articles themselves aren’t Ads, they are designed to build interest among our readers toward your product indirectly. For instance: Interviews which cover how a certain product or service was made (or is currently being made).

This allows us to publish interesting content that benefits our readers while also fulfilling our duty to the developers and corporations who support the work we do.

But with Edamame.news we have managed to take things a step further by opening up our services to everyone at no cost! Edamame.news is 100% free for all users – both readers and advertisers!

If you have both a story and a product you would like to share with our readers, sign up now and start promoting your product to users who are actually interested. It’s free!

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