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Helix Jump (by Voodoo) is a game I have been playing for a very long time now. When it was first released on iOS and Android, I was probably one of the first to download it on my Android tablet, and to be honest, I didn’t expect the game to become anywhere near as popular as it is today. In fact, I expected Helix Jump to be one of Voodoos worst failures(!) – and here is why I was wrong…

Firstly the Ads. At the time when Helix Jump was first released, mobile games had almost 50% fewer Ads than they do today. This was a big thing for most players (as well as developers) at the time, no one expected a game with so many Ads to succeed. This was our first mistake.

Using the revenue generated by displaying extra in-game Ads, Voodoo was able to aggressively promote their game on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, creating a vicious cycle of growth which helped boost Helix Jump into the success it is today!

This ingenious method paired with the fact that humans like big numbers, (it is super hard to delete a game when you’re on level 1,000+) Helix Jump became an amazing success no one was expecting! …or at least I wasn’t expecting…

This is how your game will be promoted! 👇👇👇

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