How to: Create the ultimate App Icon with EDAMAME the developer of Some Random Game

“How to: Create the ultimate App Icon” with EDAMAME the developer of Some Random Game. Want to learn from the pros in 3 simple steps? Please feel free to suggest a new question at any time!


Step 1

For the purpose of this example, let’s imagine we are creating the App Icon for an action-packed minimalistic 2D game for iOS and Android. My advice would be to stop.

Unlike everything else in your game, your App Icon cannot be animated or move on the user’s screen, so for developers who want to portray action within their App Icon – which is a really good idea if you ask me! – you should first start by finding the action you would like to portray in your App Icon, and then figure out the simplest way to represent that action using still images.


Step 2

Once you have the action you would like to portray in your App Icon, the next step is to not overdo it. Some developers try to illustrate their entire game within their App Icon, and this is usually a bad idea. Instead of packing your App Icon full of information, it is often far more effective to focus on one aspect of your game and nail it.

As a reviewer, I am far more likely to stop and take a deeper look into a game if the app icon clearly communicates what your game is all about.


Step 3

Ask your Mum what she thinks.
This is my personal secret weapon when designing stuff that has to be super clear to anyone at a glance. Unless your mother is an avid gamer, chances are she won’t understand stuff which is considered obvious to someone who plays a lot of video games.

You can use this to your own advantage by asking what your mother “doesn’t understand” as a way of figuring out what needs to be simplified further.

This quick 3 step guide was written by EDAMAME the creator of Some Random Game.
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