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Merry Christmas Guys! We're just in time!

It’s almost the holiday season, review sites are badgering you to “PROMOTE YOUR GAME NOW!!” with the catchphrase “STARTING FOR AS LITTLE AS $158!!” …and you don’t have any money… This was me in 2015 before I joined Edamame. 😢

Ever since that time it has been our goal to create a service that allows developers to promote their apps and games to an engaged audience of potential players for free for everyone. …this year we have finally done it…

Edamame.news is now open to the public, and boy are we excited! 🎉🎉🎉

For an annual fee of $0, developers can sign up and create compelling content featuring their app or game at no cost! We will feature everything for free – so long as it is well written and complies with our guidelines.

Even if you aren’t usually a writer, we have designed our systems to make writing your first article easier than setting up an Instagram or Facebook campaign and a whole lot more affordable – it is actually free.

For anyone who thinks this sounds suspicious. You can check out our article on Indirect Marketing here. If you are ready to start working with us, sign up now and start writing! Now is the perfect time to make an impact before the holiday season!

The Edamame Team!

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