Solbot Energy Rush by FreakoutGames Press Release + iOS Promotion Code Giveaway

‘Freakout Games’ is excited to announce that Solbot: Energy Rush is now available on Android and iOS. Set in space, players control a robot named “Solbot” and on a mission to collect renewable energy to help power the human race.

Player’s will explore various areas in space, dodge tricky patterns, and learn facts about
renewable energy.

‘Freakout Games’ drew inspiration from a previous game jam theme while designing a game
around color changing mechanics. ‘Solbot: Energy Rush’ used this as its core mechanic, along with drawing inspiration from Megaman for character design. The result was a game which tests the player’s reaction skills, engaging gameplay, and a unique way to learn facts about renewable energy.

As a studio, we want to contribute in any possible way to social causes whenever a player
engages with our game. For that reason, we have included a “fact section” so that the player can get some information about energy sustainability which relates to the global cause of ‘ Climate Change ’ movement.

Vijesh, head of studio at ‘Freakout Games’ says, “The whole objective was to make a game
which is easy in mechanics and engaging to play. The biggest challenge while working
‘remotely’ was to find like-minded people who have the same vision towards getting the game
completed. It’s been a very challenging aspect for us during production but ultimately we are
proud and excited to share the game with users.”


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This was our Press Release + Giveaway with FreakoutGames the creator of Solbot Energy Rush.
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