Tower Duel by robert Press Release + iOS Promotion Code Giveaway

Mobile Games are often looked down upon as being casual and boring by the more ambitious players in today’s gaming community. We, at Forest Ring Games, started out with the vision to develop a mobile game, that would challenge this stereotype. Thus, the gameplay and mechanics should be easy to grasp, yet incorporate high strategic complexity for the more ambitious players to explore. Regarding the core-concept we settled for a combination of tower defense and offense – a major inspiration for this was certainly the infamous WarCraft III Mod “Line Tower Wars “, which we all played enthusiastically in our childhood. After two years of development and one year of Beta-testing and experimenting with countless variations of the game, we ultimately created a completely new tower defense experience. With its openness to a huge audience (almost anyone with a smartphone can play) and competitive focus, we believe Tower Duel has great potential to establish itself in the Streaming and eSports scene.

The Tower Duel gameplay in a nutshell: Within a short 5-minute match, you defend your base with a tower maze, while at the same time attacking your opponents. The first player to break the opponents’ defenses with 30 units, wins and climbs up the TD leagues.

The gameplay is competitive and challenging, as it requires fast-paced strategic skills. Hereby, the player faces many challenges and strategic choices:

  • Selecting Attacker and Defender cards for their duel decks and playing them out at the right time.
  • Choosing a clever mazing strategy while facing varying battlefields from blank square fields to maps with multiple spawn end exit-points.
  • Managing the in-game economy efficiently by balancing between sending attacks and building defenses.
  • Finding the right time to boost towers and attackers up to three stages.
  • Picking out of a variety of strategies like Rushing, Midgame, Endgame, Turtle, Eco, or Spam.
  • Choosing individual level-up paths for each card. Players can design their units and towers in million different ways. Some Level-up choices may even completely change how the tower or unit works


Redeem “edamame” coupon in the games’ options menu to receive an epic card and 50 Maxx Bucks (works on Android and iOS)

This was our Press Release + Giveaway with robert the creator of Tower Duel.
If you like their work, please feel free to leave a comment or check out their latest release on:

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