Why Apple Can’t Loose More Market Share – Money, Games, and Developers

Apple has been having a bit of a rough time lately… But what does that matter? Apple has billions of dollars to play with after all!! I don’t think so…

This isn’t Edamame.news’s opinion, this is my opinion / prediction explaining why Apple is in more trouble than people want to admit.

iPhones aren’t selling as well as they used to. No matter what news source you look at, it is becoming ever more apparent that iPhones aren’t selling the same way they used to. Although this seems to be the main topic of debate among most people interested in smartphone tech, personally I feel that this isn’t what Apple is actually focusing on.

I believe that something far more valuable to Apple is at stake… the Apple ecosystem…


The Apple App Store & Pay To Play

For years, The Apple App Store has been the go-to place to sell your apps and games for developers who are serious about making money. Right now, in 2018, this is still the case with the Apple App Store making nearly 2x as much in revenue as Google Play in the first half of 2018!

These numbers are insane, especially when you factor in just how many Android users there are compared to iPhone users in the world, but all this could be about to change…

After returning from Tokyo Game Show 2018 we wrote an article featuring how Google Play Japan is adding a points system designed to incentivize users to spend money on (and within) apps and games on Android.

If these efforts by Google pay off, (causing even a 5% increase in paying users), it isn’t hard to see just how huge the impact will be for Google Play as a platform when considering it has a market share of 88% as opposed to Apple’s 11.9%.

So what you may ask? “Just because Google Play “could” start making more money than the Apple App Store isn’t going to convince me to switch smartphones!”

…but what if you’re a developer looking to monetize your brand new game…?


Falling For Your Own Trap…

It is a well-known trick among ASO (app store optimization) specialists to submit your game to whichever store you consider “most important” for a higher chance of your App or Game being be featured by the editors of that store.

For years now, Apple has been that store for most developers who are serious about game development – in some cases delaying the release of their game on Android by up to a month or two – but if Apple becomes the minority, all this could drastically change…

You see, it is these small advantages created by outsiders who give Apple iPhones the premium status they have today – it’s not just the price tag of the actual device itself!


So Is Apple In Trouble?

Once again, this is my opinion, (and I would love to hear yours in the comments), but in my opinion: “No Apple is not in any serious trouble yet…” But how long will things stay that way, I do not know.

If Apple’s market share continues to decline, so will the number of paying iPhone users, making Android an ever more appealing platform for developers.

Factoring in the fact that most games are free in 2018, downloads are essentially all that matter now, and with 88% of the smartphone market dominated by Android, it is a lot easier to get a million downloads on Android than it is to get half that on iOS…

If anything is going to put Apple in trouble it won’t be the customers, it is going to be the developers…

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